Дизайн интерьера коттеджа

(Signed) Dizine Kotteja Interer

The Udin and Novikov Architectural Office will design an interior design for any difficulty. It doesn't matter how many years of construction, our specialists are doing whatever they want. We are creating projects for both newly built buildings and long-standing buildings. To those who are now only building a country-wide gift or a home in the city line, we propose a full design of the interior design and implementation to the end result. It includes both internal planning and the development or reconstruction of facades, the planning of a genplan, the development of engineering and design sections of the project, the selection of separate materials and the elements of the decor. In designing the interior design, we use quality computer visualization of the internal and external space. It'll help the customer figure out how his future home looks.

For long-term owners of buildings, the architectural bureau creates an interior of the house where it is joyful and the design gives true pleasure. Every room here becomes an integral part of the whole. Redesign, selection of separation materials and subsequent decoration will be taken into account in design. Before we begin to develop a plan for the transfer of internal space, we will pay special attention to all customers ' wishes about interior design at home. Only such close cooperation helps to achieve good results.

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