Дизайн-проект интерьера коттеджа (загородного дома, таунхауса и пр

Disein Project Cotttage Interer

Disein's home reflects the inner world of the hosts: "Let me see where you live," and I'll tell you who you are. Having made a large project of interior design, it is important to draw attention to every detail. That's why professionals need to trust all work. That's the only way you get your dream home.

Whatever it is in your cottage of staircases, rooms and floors, the task of designers of AvCube alone, it should be cozy to you and your loved ones. This house will be your refuge and a source of strength.

In accordance with this rule, the talented designer of the AvKube studio will create a design project, and the visualization department is the 3D model of your new interface. And you'll see the result at the time of work harmonization. How do you like this furniture? Look how the staircase is set, now it's convenient and safe! Can you imagine how many rooms have been released in the living room? What about moving engineering to the other part of the room?

It's important that the interior style does not contradict the design of the facade. There's so many nuances to be made by designing a country house!

You won't even notice how the house design project will turn into a real interior. This will be a truly exciting transformation!

In the meantime, enjoy the interiors of our design studio where happy masters have already moved! You can be one of them.

Disein Interière Houses are read from the study of planning, technical tasks, since work needs to take into account all the building characteristics. The design concept is then being developed, i.e. the interior itself, the inner face. It could be a romantic French probe, a green American country, a fabulous classic style, a rational minimism, a little buntar and a coloritic loft. There are many styles in which the design of the house can be ordered, they are kept in line with the traditions of the directions, combined, mixed, unique features.