Ландшафтный дизайн с применением геосинтетических материалов в Кирове

Private House Barnauls Landscape Design

Land survey

A set of work in which detailed maps and terrain plans are established is called a topographic film or a short-term topography. The location coordinates and their heights are obtained in the course of the current and further processing, and the top-down is then drawn. Such a film can be obtained by measuring geodetic tools on the ground, as well as by aircraft using images (Cosmic or aerophotosics). Recently, topographic work has been greatly facilitated by the emergence of GLONASS GPS Geodetic GPS.


When the film is scheduled, it is divided into high, planned and combined. In the planned filming, the map does not take into account the terrain and is used mainly in small-grade areas.
Vertical film (taheometric) is used for master plans, landscape design, vertical design and other works.

What do you need a toast for?

The results of the currents are necessary for:

  1. Acquisition of construction permits (the installation is the basis for the construction plan and the plot planning scheme);
  2. Connections to communications (electricity, gas, plumbing, sewerage, heating) or alteration;
  3. Landscape Design (use of a detailed 1:50, 1:100, 1:200, 1:500);
  4. Ownership or lease of land (primary);
  5. Construction and renovation of buildings and structures;
  6. Calculation of the amount of land work carried out (e.g. the amount of the rubble)
  7. Linkages of construction site to ground and altitude

Modern land surveying is performed electronically and only in a paper version may require reuse to obtain a digital equivalent. On the basis of the digital footprint, a digital analog of the terrain can be obtained and further designs can be conducted electronically. Such a model would greatly facilitate the work of the designers, make it more successful, and most of the project works were performed only electronically. The digital footprint will provide a universal basis for many future geodetic, cadastral, architectural and other work.

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