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Day or garden site 6, 10 Or 20 cats, it's not as serious as designing facades or interior interns. Generally, development Landscape Design Project is the preparation of a detailed scheme for your homeland. The garden and good peri-urban design technicians create common and separate drawings of the site, indicating the location of the main buildings, small architectural forms (bodies, rotunds, statues, fountains), green sediments, roads, alpine mountains, etc. The link to the terrain and the terrain is clearly taken into account.

Phases of a landscape design project:

  • Training. A detailed technical assignment is being developed on the basis of the customer ' s wishes. The specialists then travel to the site and carry out the necessary measurements: the boundaries of the site, the size and interrelationship of the buildings, the existing trees and the handicraftsmen shall be measured by the heights. In a number of cases, soil composition, groundwater substitution and engineering communications are required.
  • Preliminary project on the country landscape design. According to the information received, the site ' s schematic plan, with the expected location of small shapes, trees, fences, etc., is being developed on the basis of the process. The Employer is offered several options for setting up a day-to-day or kindergarten site according to the selected landscape design style (pasage, English, village, mixed). The Employer makes comments.
  • Final project. The ready design project includes the Territory ' s master plan with an accurate marking of all facilities, vegetation, sites and roads, as well as separate layout schemes, irrigation and drainage systems, lighting devices ( street lights, lamps). In the case of conversations, fountains or waterfalls, a description of their design and design sketches shall be attached.

Country landscape design studio

Traumaster Group offers services for the design and implementation of garden and long-term landscape design projects of any difficulty. Our specialists have a lot of experience in redesigning and building from zero city and city. peri-urban Areas of different sizes and configurations. The project and the estimates are fully prepared for the customer. Examples of landscape design of sites can be measured in the photo.

Landscape design prices

Landscape design of the country house100 square metres2000
All Landscape Project Worksthe price is calculated individually