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Навесы из поликарбоната во дворе

Vehicle suspensions

Car suspensions are very popular. Because of the features of the modern polycarbonate, they can be covered with virtually unlimited space. In the yard of the house, a hinge can be arranged for one and two vehicles that will securely protect vehicles from snow, rain and sunlight. At any time, lateral walls from the same but more delicate polycarbonate can be attached to the structure of the suspension and a beautiful summer closed garage can be secured.

Adjustments over recreational zones

Навес из поликарбоната фото во двореThanks to the high aestheticity of material, the diversity of colours and the levels of polycarbonate tone, beautiful elegant airwaves over games and recreational zones can be created. A separate category can be distinguished from the home hinges above terrace♪ The hurdle above the terrace attached to one wall of the house will allow a good rest in the fresh air, regardless of the burning sun or short-term rain. In winter, he'll keep his way to home from the snow.

Order a curtain?

We're making polycarbonate and glasses.
There are shareholds at the price - car suspensions 3.6 x 6.3 = 63,000 rub!
2 cars in key 5.7 x 6.3 = 128.000 rub!

Навесы из поликарбоната во двореTalking. - Another polycarbonate vegetation for the recreational area. The polycarbonate's roof isn't expensive, but it's very comfortable for mounting: it can be given any form by plastic. The polycarbonate roof over the recreational area may be in the form of:

  • Dome,
  • Shatre,
  • one- or two-square,
  • pyramids,
  • Rebrishing,
  • Pagoda,
  • Arks and others.

Many like to eat in the garden in the summer and even build summer kitchens and barbecue in the open air. To make it pleasant, and the summer kitchen and the furnace have served a long time to build aesthetic and practical. Polycarbonate above summer kitchen

The basic condition for the design of the hinges is to create an optimum gradient in which the snow in the winter will not slide on top of the roof, but move down. Under that hint, any family would feel comfortable in a nice evening tea.

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