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Veranda is a home building built during the construction of the main building or later. It's not a separate building, it's part of the house. However, it is necessary to obtain a permit for the construction of the order and, once completed, to register the house again. This requirement applies to manoeuvres attached to capital buildings and is related to the increase in the area of the house.


There are two rules to be followed in the building of a roman. First, it's being erected where the door is in the house. They are therefore built from the facade or the thorn side of the main building, but in such a way that the front door to the house opens inside the veranda and can only enter the house through it. In addition to increasing the area, the owner of the house also receives additional protection of the front door.веранда Secondly, the veranda must match the style of the house, form a single ensemble with it, not look like a beautiful spot against the background of the house architecture. Based on this rule, materials for the construction of the attachment shall be collected and their optimal size determined. The length shall be equal to the length of the side of the house to which it is attached and the width shall be not less than 2.5 m. Otherwise, the adjustment would be either cumbersome or disproportionate. There are no other rules on the veranda. They can be a G form, have a few corners, be half round.

There are open-ended and closed-type vans. Open-ended buildings do not have the upper part of the wall from the fence to the roof, closed verandas have a glass of space free of walls. Depending on design, the stacked space in the fixture may prevail. The variety of a closed roman is French, the glazing is complete, it's a kind of annex with completely glass walls.

Open romands are the connection of a recreational site and a wide-ranging wing, closed-circuit summer meal area and an additional conduit.

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