Ландшафтный дизайн небольшого участка: способы расширения пространства

Multi-Level Landscape Design In The Private House Yard

Ландшафтный проект 2013 года идея на склоне в поселке Горки-5 от СтудииThe 2013 Landscape Project is the idea of a slope in the town of Gorki-5 from the Studija Architecture and Disain.

In thinking about the design and design of a long-distance site, we have to take into account many factors and consider all the details. The choice of the garden style, its future images are influenced by our own tastes, habits, opinions of family members, because the garden always reflects us, our addictions, lifestyles and thoughts. In addition, we are forced to accept the conditions already in place, landing or construction, relay, lighting and soil composition. There is often a need to break the head by setting up so-called " test sites " which include, inter alia, the slope area. Landscape project from Studio Architecture and Disain.

Ландшафтный проект от СтудииIt seems that the long-distance slope is not a gift, but slopes are a very difficult and exhausting event. However, those who see it as an unusual experiment and a fascinating creativity are, in the end, only winning and, ultimately, realizing that the site on the slope is rather a gift. Indeed, the design of slopes is a real simplicity for fantasy. The design of a long-distance site on the slope is not costed without interesting original ideas and unexpected solutions. Of course, the design of a long-distance site on the slope will require a lot of effort than setting up a garden with minimal relays, the terrace of the site will need to be tampered with, the installation of back walls and special designs will be required.Подпорные стенки для Ландшафтного дизайна But by setting up your garden, you'll make sure that the garden slope has many advantages. Landscape design on the slope will look very effective and interesting.


Thoraxing of slopes means the formation of concessions (terras) that are reinforced by walls. Landscape terrace is also carried out on flat plots, creating several levels in the garden. Terraces on the precinct are used in the processing of cologne, amenities, water bodies. When the slopes are terraced, the dimensions of the section should be assessed (usually theraces are not more than 60 to 80 cm and their width is at least 4 to 5 m). The number of terraces also depends on the size of the site, sometimes it is sufficient to establish 2 or 4 terraces; large sections may be larger.

Water drainage systems, storm drainage and drainage are used to avoid water accumulation on the terrace.

Termination of a long-distance site is good that it involves extensive possibilities for decoration, each of the terrace can be developed separately. Moreover, the terrace of slopes protects land from erosion (smalls and landslides), which is also very important. Terrodation also serves as garden zoning for the separation of the parade and recreation areas, for example.

Подпорные стенки для Ландшафтного дизайна Ландшафтный проект 2013 года идея на склоне в поселке Горки-5 от Студии Подпорная стена от Студии Ландшафтный проект от Студии

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